Maggam - Kalamkari - Framed & Redefined

Our labour of love

Our vision is to portray Kalamkari in a new light, without compromising or altering its heritage and traditions. Traditional Kalamkari is all about those gorgeous strokes and flourishes hand drawn to perfection. Maggam is a labour of love, completely hand painted and crafted, purely for the beautiful craft and its intricacies. Our artisans spend hours in detialing each piece and crafting it to perfection. We only use vegetable dyes in all our drapes and source our fabrics responsibly, thereby ensuring sure we tread lightly on our planet.

Kalamkari is made up of two words – Kalam meaning PEN (bamboo stick) and KARI meaning, one who is an expert at using it. This ancient art survived over time not merely because of the Royal patronage, but most importantly due to its intrinsic worth and inimitable character. This scintillating art has been in the hands and hearts of a few families around the temple town of Sri Kalahasti, Andhra Pradesh, India – who have for generations dedicated themselves to master and perfect the art.

Celebrating Kalamkari in its truest form

Mr. Brahmaiah, a Kalamkari master craftsman (karigar), who has spent over 50 years perfecting this wonderful artform was introduced to it at the young age of 18, after which he went on to pursue it and make a livelihood out of this new found passion. His work has received immense recognition and is displayed at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. His daughter, Mrs. Prasoona Anand, grew up watching him meticulously work on such ornate and intricate designs and helped around all through her childhood. Maggam is her humble foot forward in carrying this artform to a much wider audience and speaking about the relevance of art and sustainability today.

What we offer

Each product is hand painted and treated with the utmost care, as we ensure only the best is put forward. As it is all hand done in small sections at a time, the beauty of the craft is not compromised by us trying to hasten the process. On the product front, we create a variety of items from sarees, to stoles to salwar sets – all hand painted with natural vegetable dyes and spanning a variety of materials (cotton, silk, linen, tussar, organza and crepe).

INava-māsa-dhṛtaṃ garbhaṃ bhāskarasya gabasthibhiḥ |
Pītvā rasaṃ samudrāṇāṃ dyauḥ prasūte ras’-āyanam ||

For nine months, the sky drank the ocean’s water, sucking it up through the sun’s rays, and now gives birth to a liquid offspring, the elixir of life.

Rāmāyaṇa, 4.27.3 – Vālmīki

Our Monsoon Collection, Varsha Ruthuvu, is an ode to the beauty that surrounds the pitter patter of rainfall and everything around it. The thunderous clouds forming layers of depth, streaks of light brightening the sky, tiny drops from heaven that trickle through lush foliage & parched land, the sweet sweet smell of wet soil, dainty peacocks gracefully stepping out and the silver linings which bring them all together.

Get in touch with us

We have a quaint store in Coimbatore where we will be showcasing our line of products. We believe in creating an experience through our products and taking each person on a journey in discovering this beautiful artform.

Store will be opened only for pre-booked appointments

No: 5 Arangaswamy nagar, Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore 641014
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